Purpose of the Fund:

  1. To provide financial support to applicants who intend to continue studying at TTS and have financial needs, desire to study God’s word, love God and have a zeal for God for the expanding and building of His kingdom.
  2. To setup for memorial purposes.
  3. To be used to promote student enrollment.

Application Procedure to the Scholarship Fund:

  1. The amount of the Fund granted shall be applied only to pay for the tuition portion of the courses taken by the applicant for the enrolled semester.
  2. An eligible applicant shall meet all of the following criteria:
    1. A registered student;
    2. Having real financial needs, and
    3. For a continuing student, from the prior semester, having at least a B grade, Certificate student, a passing grade with satisfactory class participation and attendance
  3. Application forms can be obtained from the seminary office.  Each applicant shall submit a current and completed application for each semester enrolled
  4. Upon submission of the application, each applicant is responsible for providing the following documents:
    1. Present the applicant’s Social Security Card;
    2. A copy of proof of U.S. legal residency, such as a valid permanent residence permit or a valid U.S. Passport, etc.;
    3. Proof of financial hardship (Scholarship Committee shall establish a fair and workable standard, and shall adjust it annually);
    4. Recommendation from church leadership, i.e. Pastor, Deacon or Elder, on Recommendation Form.
  5. Deadline of application:  At least two weeks before the Scholarship Committee Meeting;
  6. The Scholarship Committee shall have the full responsibility of receiving, reviewing, and analyzing the application package.  Such work shall be completed within the first week of the semester.  Thereafter, all applicants shall be notified of the decision made by the Scholarship Committee.

International Students

TTS is not authorized to issue international student visa I-20 at this time. As such, no VISA services can be provided, and TTS will not vouch for student status or any associated charges.