CLD was started in the early 1980’s as a joint project between Golden Gate Baptist Seminary, now Gateway Baptist Seminary, and the North American Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention. CLD offers post- high school level training to Christian leaders for church planting, evangelism, and ministry. In January, 2017, Truth Theological Seminary (TTS) will begin courses in Chinese leading to the CLD Certificate. TTS is one of more than 60 centers worldwide working with Gateway in the CLD Program (CLD was later renamed as ADVANCE).

Our goal is to equip Chinese speaking church leadership in reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Leaders and lay people will be trained to work and teach in local Baptist churches, associations, state conventions, and missions or wherever there is a need.

Courses are taught in Chinese, by educationally qualified faculty with experience in ministry and teaching. Theologically, each faculty member has agreed to teach according to The Baptist Faith and Message of 2000. Content for each course has been approved and is standardized to meet the specific goals for that subject. Each 3 hour course requires 45 hours of class instruction. Normally this will be based on a semester system of 15 weeks, 3 hours per week. At times, courses may be offered in a different time frame.

Entrance Requirements

Students must complete Gateway Seminary’s ADVANCE entry requirements as a regular or special ADVANCE student.

Completion Requirements

The Program is awarded upon successful completion of the required 12 credit hours.

ADVANCE Certificate Programs

Bible Teaching Certificate (12 credits)

The Program is designed to give students greater insight into the content and message of the Bible and ways of presenting the Bible ore effectively in various avenues of teaching, such as Bible Studies, Sunday School, Small Groups, or Personal Discipleship.

OT Survey CLS 1114

NT Survey CLS 1314

How to Understand the Bible CLS 2521

Principles & Approaches to Bible Teaching CLE 1113

Mission Studies Certificate (12 credits)

The Program is designed to fulfill the minimum theological course work required of a mission candidate spouse for appointment by the International Mission Board of the SBC. Although the Program addresses the theological educational requirements of the IMB for the spouse of a mission candidate, it is not limited to those preparing to serve in that organization.

OT Survey CLS 1114

NT Survey CLS 1314

Intro to Christian Theology
A 3-hour elective course. i.e. Missions,
Evangelism & Church Planting CLS 1212

Principles & Approaches to Bible Teaching CLE 1113

Pastoral Ministry Certificate (12 credits)

The Program is designed to give students basic pastoral skills to serve in a shepherding role such as an assistant pastor, deacon, elder in a local church. This certificate includes a study of pastoral ministry with an emphasis on the understanding and nature of pastoral work and pastoral care within the local church setting.

OT Survey CLS 1114

NT Survey CLS 1314

Communicating the Gospel: Preaching
Aand Teaching that Transforms CLS 1411

Pastoral Ministry CLE 1511

Small Church Leadership Certificate (12 credits)

The Program is designed to provide knowledge and development of leadership skills for the small church. A survey of current methods of church leadership combining lecture/dialogues of practitioners of various ethnic and methodological approaches to local church leadership with an overview of the theology, spirituality, development, and application of leadership in the local church.

Ministry Foundations CLS 1111

Organizing/Leading Church Admin. CLS 2412

Principles of Discipleship CLS 2317

Pastoral Ministry CLE 1511

or Intro to Christian Counseling CLE 1512

Educational Leadership Certificate (12 credits)

The Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to focus 12 credit hours of academic study in Educational Leadership in order to acquire essential skills for development and leading an effective educational and discipleship program in a local church.

Life Span/Human Growth & Dev. CLS 1112

Principles to Bible Teaching CLS 1113

Educational Ministry of Church CLS 1412

One of the following courses:

Org. & Leading Small Church Admin. CLE 2412

Intro to Early Child Education Ministry CLE 2611

Ministry to Children CLE 2613

Foundations & Practices of Youth Ministry CLE 2712

Ministering to Adults CLE 2717

Ministering to Senior Adults CLE 2718

Church Planting Certificate (16 credits)

The Program is designed to give church planters greater insight and instruction in church planting methods, as well as create a network of planters in the area of the local CLD center and/or teaching site. This certificate will provide students with church planting knowledge and tools that can help to ensure a higher level of success in church planting in the region near the CLD center and/or teaching site.

Basic Evangelism CLS 1311

Communicating the Gospel: Preaching
and Teaching that Transforms CLS 1411

Intro to Church Planting CLS 1313

Reaching Unreached People CLE 2264

or Working with Small Groups CLE 2324

Church Plant Internship I & II (4 hrs) CLE 2356/57

ADVANCE Diploma Programs

The Programs enable students to:

  1. Demonstrate courageous growth in obedience to and love for Jesus and His ways.
  2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of Scripture and its faithful interpretation and application.
  3. Demonstrate a life lived in connection and service within a church and its associational, national, and global missional networks.
  4. Demonstrate a focused sense of giftedness, passion, and competence in ministry.
  5. Demonstrate a passion for local and global fulfillment of the Great Commission.
  6. Demonstrate a capacity to relate effectively with people.
  7. Demonstrate a relevant vision and plan for a specific context of service.

Diploma in Christian Ministry (24 credits)

The Program (DCM-ADVANCE) constitute basic training in Christian thinking, living, and leading for persons entering ministry in or through a local church.

Old Testament Survey CLS 1114

New Testament Survey CLS 1314

Baptist Heritage and Practice CLS 1113

Christian Theology Intro: Christology, Soteriology,
Ecclesiology and Eschatology CLS 1212

Ministry Foundations CLS 1111

Communicating the Gospel: Preaching
And Teaching that Transforms CLS 1411

Missions, Evangelism and Church Planting CLS 1351

3 Hours of Electives Required:

Principles and Approaches to Bible Teaching CLS 1113

Administration and Church Growth CLS 1314

Introduction to Church Planting CLS 1313

Principles of Urban Church Planting CLS 2242

Working with Small Groups CLS 2324

Christian Ethics CLS 1411

Worship and Music in the Faith Community CLS 1916

Pastoral Ministry CLS 1511

Introduction to Christian Counseling CLS 1512

How to Understand the Bible/Biblical Hermeneutics CLS 2521

Diploma In Theology (28 credits)

The Admission to this Program (DTH-ADVANCE) is contingent upon completion of the DCM-ADVANCE or the equivalent. The DTH-ADVANCE is a ten-course program beyond the DCM-ADVANCE which can be completed in two to three years.

Intermediate Old Testament CLS 2100

Intermediate New Testament CLS 2300

Survey of Christian History CLS 1111

Intermediate Christian Theology CLS 1211

Spiritual and Leadership Formation CLS 1115

Leadership in Ministry Practicum:
Fall/Spring – 4 hrs CLS 1121-22

Choose 1 of the following:

Planned Pulpit Leadership CLS 2412

Principles & Approaches to Bible Teaching CLS 1113

The Educational Ministry of the Church CLS 1412

Plus One (3-unit) Elective

Diploma in Church Planting (28 credits)

This Program (DCP-ADVANCE) is identical to the DTH-ADVANCE, except that the DCP-ADVANCE requires “introduction to Church Planting” (CLI 1313).

Worship and Music in the Faith Community CLS 1916

How to Understand the Bible/
Biblical Hermeneutics CLS 2512

Introduction to Church Planting CLS 1313

Introduction to Christian Counseling CLS 1512


Application – Per Certificate/Diploma $30

Course Fees – Per Credit Hour $100