TTS is a Baptist Seminary serving multi-denominational Chinese churches. “Master of Arts in Church Ministry Studies” is one of the degree programs that TTS offers. Its purpose is to equip the workers of Christ to engage in studying church growth and ministry. Currently, Chinese churches are experiencing shortages of church ministers, especially among Chinese Baptist Churches. Not only the workers are few, but also lacking are the church ministers familiar with the faith and organization of the Baptist churches. Therefore TTS concentrates on equipping the ministers who are missions and Kingdom-minded with power and wisdom of God, to serve well in Chinese churches. These ministers will work well with the church leaders and coworkers to make Christ’s disciples and spread the gospel to build healthy and strong churches.

The graduate of the M.A. program should be able to:

  1. Use skills of biblical interpretation for an effective exposition of the scriptures.
  2. Demonstrate a synthetic and analytical understanding of the Bible in both Old and New Testament books.
  3. Understand the broad spectrum of Christian theology and Christian history and develop a commitment to their personal theological understandings, with tolerance and appreciation for legitimate Christian denominational differences.
  4. Develop personal spiritual habits and disciplines that will foster the personal spiritual formation and professional ministry growth that are balanced with the needs and demands of family interaction and responsibilities.
  5. Demonstrate communication skills to facilitate primarily the teaching ministry of the church as well as the preaching functions of church ministry.
  6. Function effectively in the pastoral care responsibilities of church ministry.
  7. Demonstrate a capacity to provide leadership within ministry settings to both lay leadership and church staff leadership in multi-cultural settings.  The Christian leadership skills and values of motivation, goal setting, evangelism, and interpersonal relationships should be developed for effective ministry.


To obtain a Master of Arts in Church Ministry Studies degree at Truth Theological Seminary, 52 units beyond the Bachelor degree is required, which is 31 credit hours of Foundational courses, 19 credit hours of Ministry courses, and 3 credit hours of Capstone Project.

  1. Complete all required courses within the time frame allowed.
  2. Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Not only maintaining the academic standards of the Seminary, but also the Student Code of Conduct set forth by the Seminary.
  3. Complete all degree requirements including Thesis, Dissertation, and Project, if required.
  4. Meet the residence requirements.
  5. Meet all financial obligations.

Spiritual Life Training & Growth                                                              4
Theological & Biblical Studies                                                                  15
Church History Studies                                                                               5
Philosophy & Culture Studies                                                                    6
Ministry Courses                                                                                         19
Capstone Project for graduation                                                                3

Total Program Requirements                                                       52


Spiritual Life Training & Growth                                                 4
MCMS511   Minister’s Spiritual Characters                                          2
MCMS512   Serving & Spiritual Growth                                                2

Theological & Biblical Studies                                                      15
MCMS522   Introduction to Old Testament                                          3
MCMS523   Introduction to New Testament                                         3
MCMS524   Systematic Theology 1                                                          3
MCMS525   Systematic Theology 2                                                          3
MCMS526   Hermeneutics                                                                         3

Church History Studies                                                                      5
MCMS532   Baptist History                                                                       2
MCMS534   Church History                                                                       3

Philosophy & Culture Studies                                                           6
MCMS545    Christian Apologetics*                                                          3
* to include “Comparative Religions” Studies

  MCMS546    Challenges & Countermeasure of Post-Modern Thoughts 3

                                Total Foundational Courses                                                           30


MCMS650    Research & Writing Methodology                                    1
MCMS651    Teaching Ministry in the Church                                      3
MCMS652    Evangelism & Mission: From Theory to Practice           3
MCMS653    Biblical Communications                                                   3
MCMS654    Discipleship Training Ministry                                         3
MCMS655    Church Admin. & Management                                        3
MCMS656   Worship & Church Music Ministry Studies                      3

Total Ministry Courses                                                                     19

Capstone Project for graduation                                                   3

 Total Program Requirements                                                       52