The mission of Truth Theological Seminary as an institution of higher learning is to offer graduate and non-graduate programs to the non-English speaking, as well as to the limited-English proficient students who wish to enroll.

Currently, courses are conducted primarily in Chinese-Mandarin.

The purpose of TTS is to provide graduates for Christian leadership and service within their co-ethnic communities in the United States or abroad, as competent, knowledgeable, and caring ministers of the Gospel or as lay-workers.

The objectives of TTS are to provide rigorous academic and practical programs in theological education in order to accomplish the following outcomes:

  1. To develop professional skills in those disciplines essential for service as pastors, elders, deacons, and other church-related ministries;
  2. To impart a thorough knowledge of the biblical, historical, and theological dimensions of Christian belief; and
  3. To provide training for those who graduate and take positions in churches and other institutions so that they become effective communicators, leaders, and counselors who promote and expand the Christian cause in the United States and abroad.