Depending on the severity and circumstance in which infractions occur, violators will be subject to disciplinary actions of an official warning, reprimand, award of failing grade, property restitution, probation, suspension, or dismissal.

  1. No practice of cheating or plagiarism in connection with an academic or internship program.
  2. No sale or possession of dangerous drugs, restricted drugs or narcotics, except when lawfully prescribed.
  3. No unauthorized use or misuse of TTS’s property.
  4. No destruction of campus property or the property belonging to TTS’s administrative personnel, faculty or students.
  5. No theft of TTS property or property owned by a member of the administrator, faculty, staff or student.
  6. No obstruction or disruption, on or off-campus, of the educational aims and processes of TTS.
  7. No allowance on the campus of intoxicated or drugged states.
  8. No physically abusive or disrespectful behavior toward a member of TTS’s administrative personnel, faculty, faculty, staff, or students.
  9. No engaging in lewd, indecent or obscene behavior on campus.
  10. No possession or use of explosives, dangerous chemicals or deadly weapons on campus property without prior authorization of the President of TTS (The term “deadly weapons” used herein include but are not limited to handguns, revolvers or any other firearms, switchblades, daggers, or any knives having a blade longer than five inches, or any objects that can be used as a club, except canes or crutches needed by the disabled).