Spiritual Life

The Administrative Staff, acting in place of the Dean of Students for the time being, follows the objectives of TTS in helping students become ministers who please the Lord and glorify God in their spirituality, intellectual endeavor, Christian service and personal life style. The following are means TTS encourages to promote and develop the student’s spiritual life: attend Chapel Hours, prayer at the beginning of the class, church and personal ministries, attendance at Sunday services, engagement in personal devotions and special prayer times, participation in a designated spiritual emphasis week during each quarter.

The aims of TTS are to establish an effective channel of communication between TTS and the students, to counsel students to actively involve themselves in community life, to help students to willingly accept spiritual instruction and the renewal of the Holy Spirit, and to enhance the spirit of unity of TTS.

Missionary Activities

In part of its role of maintaining the spiritual life on campus, students are encouraged to participate in short-short missionary activities via their local church membership. The Administrative Staff also invites ministers and other professionals to TTS to share their ministerial and professional experiences.

Student Council

A Seminary Student Council has not yet been fully developed, but the Administrative Staff will function in advising students as to Seminary Student Activities.

Social Life

From time to time, the students will be invited by the faculty and staff to participate in a social event to develop closer relationships and a common faculty-student life in TTS. Whenever schedule allows, TTS would hold a Thanksgiving service for faculty, staff, students, and friends of the seminary.

Placement Service

Currently, TTS does not have a placement service; however, related employment opportunities are kept in a “Ministry Employment Opportunities” binder at the main office as information received and collected by the seminary. The binder is available to students who are interested.