With the mission and spirit of “Equipping Workers for Christ, Proclaiming the Lord’s Gospel” in mind, Truth Theological Seminary serves Chinese churches of various denominations—-equipping pastors, ministers, and believers.  By serving and supporting through donations, prayer and volunteering work, you have greatly encouraged and strengthened our efforts to enable pastors, ministers and believers to strengthen their ministries at their churches, organizations and mission fields alike.

Therefore, we sincerely invite you to become “TTS Partners” and work with us in the theological education in equipping believers and spreading the Gospel!

You can Support the Seminary
Financially, in Prayer and in Action

  1. Support through Donations:
    • Financial Donations:
      • G&A (General & Administrative) – sustaining our operational and administrative needs so our staff could provide support and services to the seminary students
      • Scholarship Fund – helping seminarian students with financial difficulties to complete their studies and encouraging those who are called to receive theological education.
      • Library Fund – developing the library, enriching the library, enhancing students’ studies, and purchasing more books.
      • “Truth Institute” – developing and promoting workshops/seminars under “Truth Institute” in California as well as in other cities and states.
      • Campus Development – to enhance learning by upgrading the facility to meet the needs of the students in their st.udies (currently, TTS is now equipped with Live e-Learning capability, where students from other countries can participate and have real-time interactions with the professor and students)
    • Non-Financial Donations:
      • Our library accepts donations of books, periodicals, journals, CDs/DVDs, electronic archives, etc.
      • All books on the Bible, theological studies, church music, pastoral ministries, Christian education, church growth, counseling, missions, and family ministry are welcome.
      • For donation methods, please contact the Library Staff
  2. Support through Payers:
    • Ask God to rise up more pastors, ministers, and believers who are willing to accept training through our seminary
    • Ask God to enable our graduates/alumni, so their ministries would be blessings of others
    • Ask God to enable our students, professors, board members, and staff members, so their ministries would be effective and fruitful
  3. Support in Action:
    • Become a volunteer at the seminary helping in general office, academics office, library, IT/network, outreach, and other areas
    • Become a liaison between the seminary and churches, understanding the needs of the church, providing training courses to the church, and encouraging believers to receive theological training
    • Involve in special ministries of the seminary, i.e. “Advanced Preaching Conference”, “Southern California Chinese Church Choral Festival”, etc.
    • Involve in various activities of the seminary

Ways to give to the Seminary:

  1. Master Card and VISA
  2. Bank’s Zelle or Quick Pay
    • Sign in to your online banking
    • Select “Send Money with Zelle”
    • Click “Add Recipient”
    • Enter the full name of the seminary in the First name field
    • Select Send by seminary’s email address: accounts@truthseminary.org
    • Click on the seminary’s name and select Send Money
    • Amount:  Enter your donation amount
    • Memo:  Indicate desired donation category:
      • General Fund, Library Fund, Scholarship Fund, “Truth Institute” Fund, TTS Scholarship Fund, Campus Development
  3. Check/Cash
    • Make check payable to “Truth Theological Seminary”
    • Enter Donation Category
    • Mail check to the following:
      • Truth Theological Seminary
      • 141 E. Duarte Road, Suite 105
      • Arcadia, Ca 91006
  4. PayPal
    • Contribution through PayPal will be charged a service fee by PayPal.

Thank you for your faithful support, loving contributions, unceasing prayer support!  May God richly bless you and your ministry!