You can support Truth Theological Seminary by giving, by praying, and by volunteering.

You may give to meet the following needs:

  1. General Fund – For our operation and administration needs
  2. Scholarship / Financial Aid Fund – To help the seminary students who have financial needs to complete their seminary studies
  3. Library Fund – To develop the library and to purchase more books.

We accept Master Card and Visa.

You may also donate to us through Paypal:

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You may also send us a check:

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  3. Mail check to :Truth Theological Seminary
    141 E. Duarte Road, #105
    Arcadia, CA 91006

Please pray for TTS so that more brothers and sisters are willing to come to study at Truth Theological Seminary.  Through the seminary students, more people will be blessed.  Please also pray for our faculty, members of the Board of Trustees, and the Staff, so that their service to the Lord will be more effective.

Our library is accepting all books, magazines, CDs, DVDs that are related to the study of the Bible, seminary study, church music, pastoral and Christian education materials, counseling, and family ministry materials.  Please contact our Librarian.

We also welcome you to attend our trainings and events, and support us through your participation.

Thank you for your gift that keeps on giving.