2019-2020 Tuition Information

Tuition Refund Policy

In order to ensure all students are fully informed on their rights and procedures for recovering tuition, a Student Registration & Enrollment Agreement, as a part of Form 201, including the information on Refund Provisions, is given to each student during registration.


At any time, a student has the right to withdraw from a registered course or may terminate his/her enrollment. In such a case, guidelines in the Refund Provisions shall be applied.

In general, the student must deliver a signed and dated written request (Form 240) to the Registrar’s Office in person or by certified mail. TTS will make any refunds due within 30 calendar days from the effective date of cancellation.

Full Refund

When the withdrawal takes place by the end of the second week of instruction, the student is entitled to receive 80% of the amount paid for instructional charges less the non-refundable fees.

If TTS cancels a scheduled course, students enrolled in that course will receive a full refund of tuition.

Pro-rata Refund

If the student withdrawal takes place after the second week but less than 60% of the instruction hours, the student will receive a pro-rata refund for the unused portion of the tuition and other refundable charges.

Tuition Refund Provisions

Student’s Right to Cancel

The student has the right to cancel and obtain a refund of charges paid through attendance at the first class session, or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later.

To cancel, the student must notify TTS with written notice of cancellation to the Registrar’s Office either in person or by certified mail. The cancellation takes effect when such notice is received. The Registrar will issue a confirmation with the effective cancellation date.

In such a case, the student will receive a full refund of all tuition paid. However, the application fee and the registration fees are non-refundable

If TTS has loaned to the student any equipment, books or other materials, the student shall return these on loan items to TTS in good condition within 10 calendar days following the effective date of cancellation. If the student fails to return such loaned items in good condition within the said period, TTS may deduct the documented costs for such items from the refund. Once the student has paid for the loaned items, the student may keep the paid items without further obligation.

Withdrawal From Course

The students have the right to obtain a refund when the withdrawal takes place at any time up to the 60% completion of the course program. Withdrawal from course takes place when any one of the following occurs:

  1. When the student fills out a petition (Form 240, Add/Drop Petition) and submits the form to Truth Theological Seminary’s Registrar in person or by certified mail. The withdrawal takes effect when the request is received.
  2. When TTS terminates the student’s enrollment.
  3. When the student has failed to attend classes for a three-week period without notifying the attendance officer or making proper arrangements. In this case, the date of withdrawal shall be deemed to be the date of the third absence.

When a student withdraws from an enrolled course during the period allowed for a tuition refund, the student is obligated to return TTS the on-loan items in good condition within 10 calendar days following the effective date and to pay only for educational services rendered and for the unreturned on loan items.


  1. TTS will issue a refund to the student within 30 calendar days following the effective cancellation/withdrawal date.
  2. It is the policy of TTS not to pay the refund to any third-party payers.
  3. To determine the amount to be refunded, the following formulas will be applied:
    (Amount To Be Refunded) = (Total Amount The Student Paid) – (A) – (B) – (C)

    1. Total of applicable non-refundable fees = ($50 Application fee) + ($45 Registration fees) + (other late charges)
    2. Costs of unreturned on loan items
    3. (Total Tuition Amount of the Withdrawn Course) / Total Instruction Hours of The Course) * (Total Hours The Instruction Completed)

    The following table illustrates the tuition refund scale (based on regular 15-week class):

    Until the End of 1st week 2nd week 3rd week 4th week 5th week 6th week 7th week
    Refund Portion 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 0%

    Since the D.Min. Program operates on an intensive lecture format, the following table illustrates the tuition refund scale for the Doctor of Ministry Program:

    Until the End of 1st day 2nd day 3rd day 4th day 5th day
    Refund Portion 100% 90% 50% 0% 0%

    Please see the Registrar’s Office for refunds of other intensive courses.

  4. When the amount to be refunded is a negative figure after the above calculation, the figure is the amount the student owes TTS. The Financial Officer will notify the student about the amount due to make arrangements for payment.
  5. It is the student’s obligation to pay off any amount due to TTS.