2022 Graduation Ceremony

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25th Anniversary Celebration

Good News !  Good News !

Truth Theological Seminary is accredited by the Asia Theological Association and is officially an Associate Member!

This is the best gift God has given us as we prepare to celebrate the seminary’s 25th Anniversary this year!


To commemorate our beloved and respected by all Chinese churches, the Lord’s faithful servant Rev. Dr. Chi-Chong Chang, the Truth Theological Seminary specially established the “Rev. Dr. Chi-Chong Chang Memorial Scholarship” Fund for him.

Pastor Chang and his parents were committed to supporting Chinese theological education during their lifetime.  His parents set up the “Yu Chun Scholarship”.  Our seminary also hopes to set up the “Rev. Dr. Chi-Chong Chang Memorial Scholarship” to commemorate his life in his love and dedication to God and to the churches, and his love, dedication and commitment to the Truth Theological Seminary.

If you write a check to this seminary, please make check payable to the full name of the seminary:  Truth Theological Seminary, and please indicate under the Memo:  “Rev. Dr. Chi-Chong Chang Memorial Scholarship”.

Thank you very much!


Rev. Dr. Andrew Ho
President of Truth Theological Seminary

COVID-19 Outbreak Contingency Plan……

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten people’s lives globally, completely changing people’s way of work and lifestyles.  Albeit gradual reopening of schools and businesses, people’s fear of the unknown in life and fear of death is ever escalating.  Let us continue to pray for God’s mercy, the forgiveness of sins, and pray that He will make us vessels and channels available to Him as His faithful intercessors and watchers!

In facing the pandemic, Truth Theological Seminary (TTS) has the following updates:

1. Ministries:

。 The 4th “Southern California Chinese Church Choral Festival” and the “Conductors’/Pianists’ Workshop” will be scheduled in 2022.  Further notice will be made once the dates have been decided.

2. Classes:

。 All classes are currently being conducted via Live e-Learning.  The manner in which the classes are conducted for the future semesters will depend on government’s regulations.

。 TTS is partnering with the Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary to offer “Apologetics” courses.  Schedule of Classes can be found under ACADEMICS/Class Schedule/Summer Class Schedule.

3. Library:

。 Our library remains open; faculty members and students are welcome to borrow books; kindly make an appointment first at (626) 574-0770.

4. Administration:

。 Staff members continue to work from home and take turns to work at the office from 10:00am to 3:00pm, Tuesdays through Fridays.  If anyone needs to contact or meet with any staff members, please contact us by email or telephone in advance to make arrangements.  (Contact email:  info@truthseminary.org; telephone:  626-574-0770)

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us and stay in touch!

May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us!

May God bless you!