Dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ,

Welcome to our website!  We hope that through browsing this website you will come to know more about Truth (Baptist) Theological Seminary (TTS).

TTS is a Baptist seminary serving Chinese churches of different denominations.  Our aim is to

Equipping Workers for Christ,
Proclaiming the Lord’s Gospel

In view of the fact that there are great needs for more well-equipped and trained ministers among Chinese churches, TTS provides Doctor of Ministry, Master of Arts in Church Ministry Studies, Advanced Diploma in Church Ministry, Certificate in Church Ministry, and “Truth Institute” programs to help ministers and believers in small to mid-sized churches how to face the challenges of this generation, and serve God and brothers and sisters efficiently and effectively.  With an excellent team of Faculty, and through Live e-Learning, TTS continues to strive for cultivating and equipping believers to become Christ’s elite!  Thanks to God, our graduates have been ministering and pastoring in various churches throughout Southern California.

In 2012, TTS began partnering with the Chinese Baptist Fellowship for the U.S. and Canada (CBF) to jointly promote Chinese theological education, and in 2016, it began partnering with Gateway Seminary through its CLD Chinese program to become “TTS Center”, enabling our two institutions to work together to serve the Chinese churches and brothers and sisters of all denominations.

We sincerely invite you to join us, in receiving theological and church music education training, to be elites of God’s kingdom, to continue holding the Truth, defending the Truth, and spreading the gospel of the Truth!

We welcome your valuable comments and suggestions and sincerely invite you to visit our campus!

May the good Lord bless you!

Andrew Ho, D.Min.
President, TTS